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   Gospel Jazz Vocalist

Emily Rachael

Emily’s Reviews

Samantha’s Lil Bit of Heaven Spotlight artist of the Month

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Samantha's Lil Bit of Heaven October 2019 by Charlie Stronconi of the Joyful Noise Singing Duo

As I listen to Emily sing. I'm in Awe of the gift that God has given her. Her voice is powerful yet beautiful. She displays amazing range and control.  But it's more than the joy of listening to a gifted singer.  When Emily sings, she ushers in the presence of the Lord to such a degree that her  songs touch the heart and reach into the very soul of the hearer.

Samantha's Lil Bit of Heaven October, 2019 by Alex Valentino of the Valentino Singing Duo

Who can resist the charm of this inspiring and beautiful songstress? She makes ''singing'' look so easy...and with a style that really woos an audience;with the *choice of *songs she brings... that makes her performance all the more interesting.

Influenced by Jazz and the Blues,she has added her own spin to Christian pop music, and *that brings a *fresh originality to the hearers.

Also,her personal witness & expression of faith she has in God, will uplift even the most difficult times a listener might be going through...That is the heart of her ministry,to not only worship and entertain...but to be an inspiration of hope and encouragement.

We have our eyes on this Artist ,as we know she will continue to bring us new & creative vocals along with an inspiring message each time she makes a presentation!

Samantha's Lil Bit of Heaven December 5, 2019 by Alex Valentino of the Valentino Singing Duo

It has been noted that Blues and Jazz musicians,when ''improvising'', are really just bearing their souls through the venue of music. Artists do the same through their drawings,paintings and sculptures.
For example, the enigma of the ''traditional Blues musician/guitarist'',as once expressed by Eric Clapton, is that of the fighting experience of ''one man and his guitar against the world'' man,expressing and justifying his dilemma and pain through life's ups and downs through his instrument.

Actually ,the concept is by no far stretch of the imagination, a ''new'' concept,as King David was probably the ''ultimate Blues man'',as he did such expressing his own joy and sorrow to God in the Psalms.Last night we saw a unique vocalist,who through and with a unique personal dilemma and the grace of her Savior,''morph- out'' a self healing experience...and while transcending her own self to that place,took the audience with her. Emily Rachael,through singing,became a force to be reckoned with,putting forces of darkness on notice;all despite a recent surgical trauma that left her almost utterly motionless.

As she poured out singing,we could see that not only were clever jazz riffs and splendid phrasings coming forth from ''her being''....but her warring soul was ''on display'' for any and all to see.

There was a ''do or die''attitude in the air being employed to push out and away, any spiritual doubts about Gods ability to heal...

It was ''A woman and her voice against the world'',against the lies of the enemy''..against all that is oppressive...and embracing those things and people that bring her joy,through the love of God,faith and fond personal memories.
Through song after song came inspiring ''assurance'', that she had/has found the tools and gift that would provide not only the solution for her healing,but the founding and purpose of her life's calling...there was.... and stopping her now..

Samantha's Lil Bit of Heaven December 5, 2019 by Nancy Horshinski

It was awesome to see her and you can see the joy of the Lord in her face and you could hear the sound of triumph in her voice,

I believe we were  in the high places with her and the presence of the Lord was there and you could visibly see healing taking place!

Thank you Emily for your faith in and love for our Savior Jesus Christ!!!