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   Gospel Jazz Vocalist

Emily’s Modeling

Emily Rachael has been thrilled to model for the following companies/organizations

The Raw Beauty Project

“The Raw Beauty Project is an innovative arts project that celebrates women with disabilities, educating viewers to redefine perceptions and beauty, unleashing potential for all”.

The project debuted at ACA Galleries in NYC in September 2014.   I was so honored to have my picture hanging in the gallery of my singing in a gown on the Brooklyn Bridge with my service dog by my side.  The photographer, Sandra Arenas took my idea of singing with my dog and brought it to a new artistic level.  She is so talented, and I loved working with her.

Camo Queen

Their tag line is “The Elegant Outdoor Woman”.   It’s a perfect explanation of the clothing line. The clothes are very well made and the ones I’m so happy to wear were the ones I modeled as well.  I love the “C” with rhinestones and a crown over it.   The owner, Wanda Gaines is a lovely, kind extraordinary woman, wife and mother who doesn’t let life get her down.   


Dog is Good

I was so excited when Dog is Good contacted me and wanted to interview me live on Periscope and discuss how Carmel, my service dog has changed my life.   Loving their clothing line that is dog themed, adorable and funny I was more then happy to model their line as well.